Verl Allen

CEO at Claravine
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Verl is the CEO at Claravine. He leads communication and messaging with shareholders and other external parties, develops and executes short and long-term strategy, and creates and implements company culture and vision. Verl is also responsible for leading assessment and recruitment of senior leadership team, and establishes strategic goals that are measurable and clear.

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  • Many companies think you don’t need to focus on data standards upfront. Instead, they believe you can let someone else deal with the problem through aggregation or ETL. However, to accelerate business decisions across an organization, fixing the data before it becomes a problem requires collaboration and coordination. With this funding, we want to ensure organizations across industries have the best solution at hand to address data governance from the start so they can focus their efforts and attention on how to better utilize the insights they gain from high quality data to enhance the customer experience.

    18 June 2021
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