Vicky Wu

Chief Marketing Strategiest / Owner at Vicky Wu Marketing
On the record

Vicky has 30 years of experience at the CMO level, the CEO level, marketing for Fortune 500 companies, multi-million and multi-billion-dollar organizations, PLUS strategies learned helping startups and nonprofits with limited budgets. She now focuses on providing SMBs with effective and efficient marketing strategies - giving them access to the same level of expertise traditionally only available to big guys with deep pockets, that these entrepreneurs may not otherwise be able to access.

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  • The majority of my clients were forced to make a drastic shift toward digital-first strategies at the start of the pandemic. Most managed to succeed and now, they plan to retain those learnings — even after things return to some version of “normal.” It opens up so much more capability. You’re not limited as much geographically, or maybe by time. It’s opened up a whole new market for them.

    9 December 2021
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