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Building world-class products and successfully taking them to market requires being a product magician and a marketing buff. Vidya's passion, background, and two decades of experience owning the PDLC from inception to commercialization put her in this sweet spot. She has delivered measurable results for startups and Fortune 500 companies and played a pivotal role in multiple M&A exits with PE and VC firms. As a respected business partner with a proven track record of building relationships and earning trust, Vidya is a skilled presenter who leverages emotions to connect with audiences and adept at managing high-value, large-scale initiatives. With a growth mindset and empathy as the key ingredient for building successful teams, raving customer fans, and powerful brands, Vidya is always looking for ways to improve. In her free time, Vidya enjoys coaching high school kids on STEM and business topics, working out on her Peloton, or walking her poodle.

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  • With Cleo’s new TruckMate-to-X12 EDI Accelerator, logistics companies with this TMS as their core business application can take control of their revenue-generating operations by streamlining load tenders, adding predictability to shipments, and optimizing invoicing for improved cash cycle times. And because Accelerators bring Cleo’s rich Load Tender-to-Invoice business process knowledge and logistics domain expertise directly into the core engine of the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform, they are truly revolutionary. There’s no limit to what trucking, 3PL, freight brokerage, and other logistics customers can achieve.

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