Vidyuth Srinivasan

Co-founder & CEO at Entrupy
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Vidyuth is the co-founder and CEO of Entrupy and the co-inventor of Entrupy’s patented technology. Vidyuth earned a degree in journalism while simultaneously designing and developing video games for Raptor Entertainment. He then embarked on a stellar career across a variety of roles including sales, business development, marketing, PR and film-making, while also working for software giants such as Intuit, Microsoft.

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  • The fast-growth and high-profits of sneaker resale, especially combined with fragmented and distant digital sales channels, are significant means and motive for bad actors. As both the quantity and quality of their fakes keep increasing, it can be hard for even the most knowledgeable authenticator to have complete certainty that a pair of sneakers is legit. Entrupy augments their existing expertise, giving authenticators the ability to ‘see’ things that might otherwise escape notice so they can know that, 100 per cent, that item is authentic.

    26 December 2021
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