Vikram Gandhi

Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and 7 other companies
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Vikram S. Gandhi is a Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit. He has developed and teaches a new course, Investing - Risk, Return, and Impact, in the Elective Curriculum of the MBA Program. He also teaches Leadership & Corporate Accountability, and has taught the Entrepreneurial Manager, and FIELD Global Immersion in the Required Curriculum of the MBA Program. Along with MBA courses, he has taught in various Executive Education Programs.

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  • If you have a long-term time horizon, then you should be thinking of ESG [investments] as part of the investment process, because otherwise you’re not fulfilling your fiduciary obligation.

    6 April 2021
  • Pre Covid-19, environmental issues garnered much of the attention of sustainable investors. The focus is shifting to social issues such as how companies treat their employees, suppliers and customers.

    6 April 2021
  • Greenwashing is an issue, though more stringent standards are being developed by various agencies to deal with this, particularly in Europe. Hopefully, other countries will follow. I don’t think we will completely get rid of this issue BUT let not perfect be the enemy of the good!

    6 April 2021