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Vincent is the Chief Executive Officer at First Digital Trust. He is leading the company as it builds out traditional trust and custody solutions into the digital economy and delivers a new level of security, responsiveness and professionalism for individual, corporate and institutional clients with exposure to digital assets. These include exchanges, OTC desks, investment firms, hedge funds and other industry participants who may be obliged to store their digital assets with an accredited financial institution.

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  • It was a very good, natural progression for us to go from the traditional retirement type of plans to dealing with digital assets. Traditional types of retirement plans are not really generating the yield that can actually allow someone to retire these days. It's about creating more options for people. With institutions getting involved in the space, there's more control, there's more regulations, and we are all for that, as well as making sure that underwriters and products are structured properly so that when it comes to reporting and taxation, everything is done correctly.