Vito Nozza

Principal Cybersecurity Consultant - National Practice at ConvergeOne
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Vito Nozza is a technically sophisticated, business-savvy professional, with a pioneering career spanning over 20+ years; reflecting strong leadership qualifications coupled with Cybersecurity and Enterprise Architectural expertise. As well Vito is an expert in Managerial, Operational and Technical security domains

As a Principal Cybersecurity Consultant- National Security, Vito is acting as a trusted advisor for new as well as existing clients, providing leadership, advisory skill and governance for a number of high-profile projects and programs in the C1 portfolio of cybersecurity lifecycle services. Quickly assess organizational dynamics and how C1’s capabilities can add value to our clients’ strategic cybersecurity objectives. Create and augment security programs based on an ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) methodology, to ensure GRC(Governance, Risk and Compliance) are realized in an acceptable risk environment. He develops Security Programs for clients ranging from Cloud Security, Incidence Response Plans, BCDR Plans and overall Security GRC and ERM Programs. Acting as a V-CISO for clients ranging from Healthcare, Financial Institutes and Hospitality/Retail environments.

Prior to this role Vito was a Chief Technology Officer for the Pacific West Region (C1) and guided his team of Architects across various verticals, to instill the change agents that exist within the various industries. Evangelize to clients (internally/externally) the various technologies (Cloud, Data Center, Enterprise Networking and Security) that shape the different verticals. Successes included Enterprise Networking, SDN, Cloud based offerings and holistic Security Solutions based around strategic business outcomes.

Before joining HT (Director), Vito, specializing in Enterprise Architecture and advanced technology business solutions, was a Principal Solutions Architect for Rogers Communications Inc., a Canadian communications and media company. Prior to Rogers, Vito shaped the Security, Compliance and Infrastructure domain at the TD Bank. He earned a Bachelor of Administration and Information Management degree and recently Vito attained his Master’s (Capella, with distinction) in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity . He has earned multiple Cisco certifications. He is a (CISSP-ISSAP), CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), CRISC and CGEIT professional. 9.2 Certified Enterprise Architect for The Open Group Architecture Forum (TOGAF) and certified CISO.

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  • “Instead of sending your information in clear text where someone can do a man in the middle attack and look at the information that's coming through which could be your username, your password, your financial information or even your healthcare information, what a VPN does is it actually almost like encapsulates that data and it hides it from individuals who are trying to steal it from you,” Nozza said.

    He points out people are still making simple mistakes like using "abc123," their pet's name or birthdate for passwords.

    “Be very cognizant of what you’re using. Even your spouse’s name or your favorite soccer or football team or baseball team. We know this why? Because social media, they’ve made us a big target. Hackers go online, they look at the social media, they see, they pretend to be a friend, they know that your favorite football team let’s say is the Buccaneers. Your favorite player is Tom Brady, so he’s number 12. Maybe you put a 12 in your password, so they do a group force attack and try exfiltrate your data that way,” Nozza said.

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