Wayne Chang

Co-founder and Co-CEO at Digits Financial
On the record

Wayne is the Co-founder and Co-CEO at Digits Financial. He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. His latest company, Crashlytics, was acquired by Twitter in its largest acquisition at the time. Wayne has been involved in other notable startups such as Dropbox, Napster, and others, now valued at over $10 billion. He is also a limited partner in several prominent funds. As part of his passion for helping the next generation of entrepreneurs, Wayne regularly speaks and lectures at universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Cornell, and also serves as a mentor for TechStars, Extreme Startups and MassChallenge.

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  • We know from experience just how important it is to know what's happening with your business as it happens and how scary it can be when you are hit with a large, unexpected cost. Fortunately, new tools are now giving small business owners a complete daily picture of their finances in ways that wasn't previously possible.

    25 July 2022
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