Will Peck

Head of Digital Assets at WisdomTree Asset Management
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Will Peck is Head of Digital Assets at WisdomTree. In this role, Mr. Peck leads the firm’s Strategy Group, leads corporate development, and drives other strategic initiatives for the firm, including the launch of WisdomTree Prime, a financial services app built from the ground up on blockchain rails with DeFi concepts.

Additionally, he is responsible for oversight of the firm’s investments in emerging technologies. He has been with the firm since 2014. Previously, he worked in investment banking for Bank of America Merrill Lynch covering financial institutions, including asset management and insurance companies. Mr. Peck serves on the Board of Directors of Securrency, Inc., a technology company focused on blockchain-based financial services infrastructure. He graduated cum laude from Harvard University with an A.B. in Government.

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  • "Similar to gold, bitcoin is a scarce and structurally deflationary asset. We believe these qualities can be expressed by adding bitcoin futures as a compelling asset for a commodity strategy that seeks to provide a hedge against inflation and returns uncorrelated with equities and fixed income. By adding a limited bitcoin futures position within GCC, we are not only seeking to enhance portfolio diversification, but we are also seeking to facilitate GCC’s ability to perform positively in both rising and falling markets without significantly affecting the risk profile of GCC."

  • "WisdomTree Prime will be blockchain-native - unlike many other consumer fintech apps today, we are aiming to take advantage of the latest financial infrastructure by building ON the latest financial infrastructure. This will remove intermediaries and deliver these services in a unified user experience. In doing so, we are embracing DeFi principles of choice, transparency and inclusivity."

  • "WisdomTree Prime is being built for savings, spending, and investing in digital assets. And we use the term digital assets broadly. For WisdomTree Prime, this term could include certain crypto assets like bitcoin or ether, but also blockchain-enabled funds (which may include funds that invest in stocks or bonds based on WisdomTree’s indexes) and tokenized versions of physical assets like gold, all while leveraging the same general architecture in seeking to provide a more unified experience. We think this approach is novel and different, and it is intended to lead to a better user experience."

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