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Woddle is a startup company based in San Francisco, California, focusing primarily on consumer goods for parents with babies and young children. Their debut product is the Woddle Smart Change Pad, a revolutionary change pad designed by parents for parents. The smart change pad eliminates the hassle associated with changing your baby's diaper with an array of functionalities, including a retractable safety belt, a digital scale, a built-in warmer, lights, a head-riser, baby music player, and more. The pad also comes with a built-in touchscreen display, allowing parents to track their baby's diaper changes, nutritional intake, and overall growth. This data is transmitted directly to the Woddle mobile application in real-time, so parents have immediate 24/7 access to their child's important information.

Visit their website at www.woddlebaby.com or follow them on social media for more information.

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  • As a recent mother of two and having experienced and overcome the challenges of being a pregnant, working mother during a global pandemic, Shadi says she is passionate about making parent's and baby's lives easier and more joyful.

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