Yaron Morgenstern

Chief Executive Officer at Glassbox
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Yaron Morgenstern has been the Chief Executive Officer at Glassbox Ltd since October 2015. Yaron served as General Manager of Financial Markets Compliance at NICE Systems. He led both the NICE Trading Floors & NICE Actimize Capital Markets Compliance groups, and was responsible for the execution of the unique Holistic Surveillance vision that combines trade and communication surveillance capabilities. Yaron oversaw product creation, solution delivery, go-to-market planning, and client relationship management activities across NICE compliance solutions.

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  • We have data that shows that two-thirds of the population of consumers are not happy with their digital services. I would say something even more surprising, also the organizations themselves are not happy with the service they offer to their customers over the digital channels. They feel they do not have the visibility of how their customers are experiencing the digital service they are providing.

    22 July 2021
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