Yasin Abbak

CEO / Founder at The Convoy
On the record

I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of The Convoy, a B2B group buying marketplace that helps small and independent businesses access big savings and cut their business expenses.

I find inefficiencies and iron them out:
**As CEO of The Fantasy Life App (Exit/Acquired), I built the industry’s fastest breaking news alert engine to identify arbitrage opportunities at sportsbooks.
**As the Founder of Paired Media, I identified a way to circumvent postage for direct mail by leveraging the delivery network of restaurants.
**At Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan, I identified overlaps between different business units to increase cross selling opportunities across the organization.
**As an angel investor in Boomset, I trained the sales team and optimized the sales process, helping to lead to its exit/acquisition.

I can add value to stories about:

Startups, Leadership, Group Buying, Raising Funding, Product/Market Fit, Small & Independently Owned Businesses, Building a Team, Recruiting, Having fun while running a business, and Company culture.

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