Yoda (Jude) Regev

Founder and CEO at Atom Foundation
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Yoda is a founder and CEO of SmartSwap.Exchange. Besides a passion for startups, Yoda’s hobby is architecting deep decentralized financial mechanisms, where once again, teaching himself and learning from other professionals, he has analyzed and crafted flawless tokenomic applications to everyday life. Yoda’s current startup, Jointer.io, was started unintentionally after he built an algorithm for personal use to solve the problem of how to instantly identify the most lucrative Commercial Real Estate opportunities. This turned into creating Element Zero Network which started from Jointer’s need to provide its users a solution for stable, decentralized cryptocurrency swaps and payments. After Jointer’s need to utilize SmartSwap arose, SmartSwap was extracted as a stand-alone DAO so everyone could benefit from the zero volatility cross-chain capabilities. Once these two DAOs were created, Yoda’s financial engineering strength, combined both companies to build a truly decentralized DeFi syndication solution that can be applied to countless industries, including Insurance, mortgages, student loans, startups, and more.

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