Zach Eyster

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Zach’s core practice is to help clients protect and grow the value of their most important brand assets.
Zach takes a very practical approach to this work. He does not spend any resource, whether it is a client’s money or good will in a negotiation, without a clear idea of how it will pay off in the day to day operation of the business. It is always tempting to be distracted by colorful but highly unlikely scenarios during negotiation or when planning a brand strategy. Zach trains his and his clients’ focus on the most relevant, profitable, and protective positions to take, and he fights for them with great energy and enthusiasm.
Zach’s experience in trademark, brand, licensing, and technology runs deep, as he has operated within these very specialized, niche areas of practice over the course of his entire legal career.
Having accrued significant experience before the USPTO and Trademark Trial & Appeal Board, and in the day-to-day protection and growth of clients’ IP assets, he is well-prepared to counsel on the most efficient, cost-effective, and investment-worthy courses of action with clients at all stages of growth and maturity.

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