Zachary Lezberg, Founder & CEO, Small Business Expo

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Zachary Lezberg was born an entrepreneur. At the age of 11 he started his first business (a DJ company) and hasn’t stopped since.

After graduating from the University of Miami, Zach moved to New York City and recognized there was really no solid way for small businesses to access a business community, other than through the local chamber of commerce. In 2008, he experimented with creating a trade show targeting small business in New York, and soon thereafter expanded to Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami. In 2021, what is now known as Small Business Expo will be offered in 45 cities across the United States.

While it wasn’t his original mission, through the development and growth of Small Business Expo, Zach has become the voice of small business in America. In liaising with approximately 1.2 million small businesses and entrepreneurs who subscribe to his content and attend his shows annually, he has his finger on the pulse of their daily struggles, frustrations, and fears, and works tirelessly to ensure they have access to education, business resources, and networking opportunities to grow and expand to the next level.

“Small business owners who come to Small Business Expo and are part of our community, run the gamut from what I call the ‘wantepreneur’ — those who have been thinking about starting a business and just need that extra push to get going — to people who are already deep into operations and need help with growth, getting organized, becoming fiscally responsible, networking, marketing, social media, and much more. Small Business Expo gives them access to absolutely everything they need in one place to maximize their time.”
And while COVID has really been hard on small business with a number of companies failing as a result of lockdown and breakdowns in supply chains, Zach sees an entirely new breed of small business coming out of COVID and successfully moving forward.
“Americans are really entrepreneurial by spirit. Many have left or been forced out of corporate America and they turn to doing their own thing. It’s my goal with Small Business Expo to ensure they have access to the tools to be as successful as they possibly can.”

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