Zack Rosenberg

Co-founder and CEO at CatapultX
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Zack is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at CatapultX. The mission of CatapultX is to achieve the deepest understanding of video through AI. He has dedicated his career to creating value for audiences, media companies, and sdvertisers. Having worked with more than 600 media companies while at Keywee and some of the largest advertisers in the world at BuzzFeed, SmartBrief, and WebMD, he has positioned CarapultX to solve their biggest challenges with video. Always at the forefront of what's next, Zack has been on the ground level of emerging media and technology companies since the beginning of his career.

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  • Our AI identifies different brands and logos and finds one we're programmatically connected to, and then delivers [it] into the stream at that moment. 84% of people will leave as soon as pre-roll starts, 65% will hit skip the moment they can, and 25% of people will block ads. We invented a completely new set of inventory. We provide publishers with effectively three options: They buy it [based] on time, on percentage, or high-impact moments. If we know the video is three minutes long and they only want 10% of the video monetized, we have 30 seconds. We're connected to DSPs. Everything can be bought programmatically. So while they're not kind of your … standard formats, they use existing ads. We took the approach to partner with video players so that we get access to any imaginable content. We're compatible with everything from JW Player and Brightcove [to] AirTV and Dailymotion.

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