Zaina Niyaz

Co-Founder and Creative Head at zy-lk
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Zaina Niyaz is the Co-Founder and Creative Head at zy-lk, a sustainable fashion brand that pulls out threads from landfill-bound sarees to upcycle as embroidery. She works with innovative natural fabrics like orange peel fabric, lotus silk, aloe vera fabric and organic dyes made with roots, seeds, plants and flowers. She underwent an informal training in Indian sign language to work with hearing and speech-impaired women from local communities for silk upcycling.

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  • "Once inside the dye bath, the fabric truly behaves like an artist’s blank canvas. It alters and evolves with every dip and every playful twist of fabric into a fantastic cumulation of all the movements it goes through guided by our hands- becoming a masterpiece in all its essence" on Natural Dyes

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