Zeb Evans

CEO and Founder at ClickUp
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Zeb Evans is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of ClickUp, the only all-in-one customizable workplace productivity platform that serves all departments across an organization. ClickUp customers include Google, Nike, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Ubisoft. Zeb grew ClickUp organically through content and product-led growth (spending $0 on marketing).

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  • Years ago, as I was starting out as an entrepreneur, it was clear to me that the siloed approach to managing work was broken. We were wasting hours each day trying to stay aligned through so many tools. We knew that the tools we were using should have made us more productive and efficient, but they simply weren't.

    22 November 2021
  • ClickUp's sole purpose has always been to make the world more productive. Time is our most valuable resource and we are committed to giving people more time to focus on what matters most to them.

    22 November 2021
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