Stephen Akin
Registered Investment Advisor at Akin Investments
Latest: Forbes | “What Happens To Your ESG Investment When Money’s Tight For Others? Chris Carosa Senior Contributor Retirement some cases, we see statements from companies making products that when you ma...
Sylvia Klinger
MS, RD, GFF Scientific Advisory Board Member at Grain Foods Foundation
Latest: Diversify Your Diet! The simplest way to have a healthy, balanced diet is to eat a wide variety of foods every day, so I suggest that everyone tries to incorporate at least three food groups with e...
Debbie Hines
Principal at Law Offices of Deborah K. Hines
Latest: You really can’t tell just from a judge’s question because sometimes it reads the judge and the jury wrong and it can go the opposite way.
Derek Brainard
Director, Financial Education at AccessLex Institute
Latest: Inflation is the silent killer of your financial plan. You might need to be saving a lot more than you think because of inflation.
Matt Klink
Owner and President at Klink Campaigns, Inc.
Latest: But Matt Kl...
Malcolm McNeil
Attorney, partner and co-leader of Arent Fox's International Group at Arent Fox LLP
Latest: Clients are asking me, is it safe to go to China and that’s a very hard question to answer.
Geoffrey Berman
Chairman of the Board at American Bankruptcy Institute
Latest: Enertech Environmental Inc. is in the process of being liquidated. The bond debt would be the senior claim against the proceeds from the liquidation of its assets.
Matthew Schulte
CFP and Head of Financial Planning at eMoney Advisor, LLC
Latest: We’re proud to sponsor this program and ensure students and financial professionals are not limited to a shortage of opportunity in today’s ever-changing climate. As technology adoption increases a...
Ksenia Yudina
Founder and CEO at UNest
Latest: Wealth Management: "College savings app UNest raised $9 million in a Series A funding round that saw Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures make another investment in the startup. The funding round wa...
Eric Chaffee
Professor of Law at The University of Toledo
Latest: It's pretty remarkable how long Equifax has been aware of the problem and did not disclose it. The main problem here is the failure to disclose a catastrophic cyberattack that compromised the infor...
Yoni Assia
CEO at eToro
Latest: Globally, we have seen trading volumes on eToro increase by over 200 percent compared to the first three months of last year. We currently have more than 13 million users around the globe who are a...
Clark Fenton
Portfolio manager of the Diversified Return fund at RWC Partners at RWC Partners
Latest: For investors who have historically relied on fixed income for diversification and liquidity, the asset class is a much less compelling proposition today than it used to be. The diversification ben...
Vasudev Bailey, PhD.
Partner at ARTIS Ventures
Latest: Jeff has a unique combination of practical experience at the highest levels in business, healthcare, and venture capital. His advice and counsel will provide tremendous value to the ARTIS family.
Amy Yeboah, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at Howard University
Latest: We’re honoring Black women – the lives that have been lost to police brutality – but also the blind eye that America has to the injustices that face Black women. This being the celebration of indep...
Aaron Bates
SVP & Managing Director – Boston | Global Families | Entrepreneurs & Executives | HNWI at Bernstein Private Wealth Management
Latest: A lot of our discussions revolve around a family wanting a set of values translated into their wealth. Whether that be through philanthropy or responsible investing, the family is often looking for...
Edward DeLeon Hickman
Founder & CEO at
Latest: Thanks to Charles Hoskinson, Cardano enjoys some of the same audience and hype that has carried Ethereum into the upper echelons of the industry.
Arry Yu
Chair, Cascadia Blockchain Council at Washington Technology Industry Association
Latest: I [turned to] PTSD therapy to get back on track while running a business. It helped me with reprogramming my sense of safety. I also detoxed with no caffeine and no drinking, walk every day, and sl...
Ramon Duivenvoorden
Chief Commercial Operator at 24i
Latest: At Vigour we have always worked from vision and content. We are enormously driven by innovation to push the boundaries in the way we deal with technology and media in our daily lives. The acquisiti...
Shane Dikolli
Associate Professor at University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Latest: There are no jerks and no weenies here. The students are down to earth and humble. They are happy. They have grit, and they are energizing. It makes for an inclusive, supportive culture. The facult...
Crisantos Hajibrahim
Co-founder/Chief Product Officer at Prodoscore
Latest: The common assumption is that remote workers are less productive than those who are in a traditional office. But our ability to capture, integrate, and analyze workplace data shows otherwise. The b...
Uri Arad
Co-founder, VP Product and Research at Identiq
Latest: In the online criminal world there’s a level of creativity, innovation, and technological development that rivals anything we see in hi-tech.
Ryan Williams
CEO at Cadre
Latest: I have spent most of my professional career staying relatively quiet about how race has impacted my life, because it is a deeply personal topic. But in the past few weeks, I’ve realized that my rol...
Melissa Bradley
Managing Partner at 1863 Ventures
Latest: Believing in the power of our communities and the power of our shared experiences, ‘Together We Win’ is a movement designed to shift the way we think about our individual choices, how these new maj...
Joshua Douglas
Vice President Of Product Management at Mimecast
Latest: We’re seeing the identical threats that organizations have confronted for years enjoying out with ways matched to world occasions to evade detection. The will increase in distant working because of...
David Lee
Co-Founder & General Manager at Estars Studios
Latest: More than anything, passion for a project or idea can be that driving force behind turning it into an actual business. It’s one thing to have an idea, but to bring it to fruition requires motivatio...
Mike Baron
Senior Director, Talent Acquisition- US and Canada at RSM US LLP
Latest: We want candidates to know who we are, what we are and why we are.
Matt Calkins
CEO & Founder at Appian Corporation
Latest: Contact tracing needs to keep track of the surfaces and facilities you and sick colleagues used. If you know which of your rooms to target, you know where best to send your deep cleaning team, and ...
Nicole Strbich, CFP, CPWA, EA
Director of Financial Planning at Buckingham Advisors
Latest: In 9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacation Home, Forbes writer Kate Ashford quotes Nicole Stribich: "If you plan to rent the property to help with expenses, first make sure the community allo...