Kristina Hooper
Chief Global Market Strategist at
Latest: Since the beginning, I haven’t found any compelling reason why China would want to make major concessions to the U.S.,. I always expected that either the U.S. would accept minor concessions around ...
Liz Miller
President at Summit Place Financial Advisors
Latest: It's this very gray area right now. You're either doing what you've always done, ignoring that there may be any change to the rules, or you're trying to adapt to the uncertainty by taking steps to ...
Diane Pearson
Wealth Advisor & Shareholder at Legend Financial Advisors
Latest: This type of asset class makes sense in certain times of the market, in rising-interest-rate environments, so you want to evaluate if you’re in the right part of the cycle.
Laurie Itkin
Financial Advisor & Wealth Manager at Coastwise Capital
Latest: I saw a need in the marketplace for a book that would take women beyond general “personal finance” such as budgeting and saving for retirement and teach them how to grow their money through smart i...
Leanna Johannes
Senior Vice President at PNC Financial Services
Latest: Commit to boosting your 401(k) contributions. At the very least, contribute enough to secure your employer's match, which is typically between 3% and 6%.
Annamaria Vitelli
National Managing Director, PNC Wealth Management at PNC Financial Services
Latest: Inheritance is something that is very specific to the person receiving it, and with proper guidance it can be put to the best use.
Audra Jenkins
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Randstad Corporate Services
Latest: Despite the serious conversations we're having around gender in the #MeToo era, our data shows most workers are not as alarmed about these issues as we might think.
Nicole Webb
Senior Vice President at Wealth Enhancement Group
Latest: We are looking at the return of volatility. So looking back over 2017, not just in the most recent 2018, but 2017 did not experience much volatility. Working with the retail consumer has been inter...
Susan Hill
Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors
Latest: The accompanying release of the Fed'​s latest Summary of Economic Projections should hold intrigue for market participants. We anticipate it will reflect the downward shift of the path of tightenin...
Deborah Cunningham
Chief Investment Officer at Federated Investors
Latest: We are definitely seeing a movement back into money market funds. Our assets are higher. The industry’s assets are higher, and I think this is probably reflective of both investors getting comforta...
Kate Stalter
Founder & Senior Advisor at Better Money Decisions
Latest: Every investment is risky; there is no such thing as the “safe” investment that pays a high return.
Crystal Wipperfurth
Wealth Advisor at Bronfman Rothschild
Latest: This is difficult, because you have to manage distributions in a way that does not alter your portfolio allocation, unless intentional. It can be done, but to do it right takes a lot of time and en...
Amy Kirsch
Director, Partnerships & Investor Relations at Harbor
Latest: We have seen some fallout where people don’t have the technology or the funding to back up what they are doing.
Mihal Gartenberg
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Warburg Realty
Latest: American clients are often warier during bear markets and need to be persuaded of the benefits of buying property when stocks are volatile.
Claire Groome
Associate Real Estate Broker at Warburg Realty
Latest: Every apartment is sellable. Everybody is movable.
Mary Ann Hurley
Fixed Income Trader at D.A. Davidson & Co.
Latest: The ISM report is significant because it is a February number. So much of the data we’re getting is really old stuff. For that reason, the ISM non-manufacturing is the most important announcement o...
Jill Fopiano
President & CEO at O'Brien Wealth Partners
Latest: Even if a tangible investment holds appeal, particularly in times of stock market volatility, it's "important to consider that there may be a limited number of buyers, if and when you decide to sel...
Silvia Tergas
Financial Planner, Pruco Securities at Prudential Financial
Latest: As a financial planner, I'm always focused on personal solutions. Forget the terminology. Think for a moment that you've left this earth. What do you want to make happen for your family?
Andrea McGrew
Chief Compliance Officer& Chief Legal Officer at USA Financial
Latest: While cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, many cybercriminals use simple phishing tactics to take advantage of human errors rather than planning complex attacks.
Susan LaMonica
Chief Human Resources Officer at Citizens Financial Group
Latest: Once it became clear that RBS was going to do an initial public offering, the future of Citizens became really clear. It gave us the opportunity to challenge everything we were doing from a people ...
Beth Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Virtual Channels at Citizens Financial Group
Latest: It’s absolutely essential for banks to stay the brand of choice for customers. First, you’ve got to learn those basics and then you have a conversation that requires trust. But you don’t ask for it...
Aviva Pinto
Director at Bronfman Rothschild
Latest: It is important even without a prenup to keep assets that are trust assets or inherited assets separate. If you do divorce, anything that was kept in your name and not used for marital expenses, wi...
Holly Glowaty
Co-Founder at Flourish: The Growth of Branded Currency Conference
Latest: We want people to actually understand the value of their program and how to make it is going to grow.
Nicole Horton
Associate Vice President - Investment Officer at Wells Fargo Advisors
Latest: We offer a dedicated team approach and provide financial insight and strategies with personalized first class service.
Kathy Jones
Senior Vice President Fixed Income Strategy at Charles Schwab
Latest: They are open to rate hikes down the road and the market has not priced in the potential for rates to go up rather than down from here. I think that might be behind the market reaction.
Bethy Hardeman
Personal Finance Expert & Product Marketer at Tally
Latest: If you have a goal to buy a home together in a few years, then better credit scores will benefit both of you: You will see lower interest rates, more affordable monthly payments, and maybe even be ...
Andrea Heuson
Professor of Finance at University of Miami School of Business Administration
Latest: New global capital standards forced some of the big US banks to cut headcount. The glamor aspect faded. And as the prospects dimmed, people looked at other parts of finance. Real estate became one ...
Daria Generalova
Co-Founder at ICOBox
Latest: Security Token Offerings are seeking to fill the hole left by ICOs. Understanding the failures of ICOs is key to ensuring STOs avoid the same pitfalls.
Jody King
Vice President & Director of Financial Planning at Fiduciary Trust
Latest: Breaking down goals into smaller steps makes them manageable. Laying out a detailed, multi-step plan broken down into achievable mini-goals helps to create lasting change.
Barbara Miller
Vice President & Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors
Latest: There's no question that labor costs will continue to rise and keeping people in what tend to be high-turnover jobs is more of a challenge.