Paula Rosenblum
Blogger at Forbes Magazine
Latest: The notion that innovation leads to growth may be the most enduring legacy of the Amazon effect, but innovation means different things to different people and companies. It’s encouraging to see tha...
Meg Voorhes
Director of Research at US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment
Latest: There are a lot of steps in the process, but we wanted to provide models and examples for any type of institution.
April Lewis-Parks
Communications/Public Relations Director at Consolidated Credit
Latest: Medical Debt does not impact your credit score the way other debts do. Within 6 months of on-time payments, your credit score should increase. If you stay on that path, it should get better again t...
Jennifer Brown
Founder, president, CEO at Jennifer Brown Consulting
Latest: The ripple effect of what Google did is those people go underground. The firing and the decision to do that shouldn’t be the end of the dialogue about the issues and strong reaction to the Google m...
ShirleyAnn Robertson
Financial Advisor at Prudential Financial
Latest: Yet there’s broad consensus that you should eliminate all credit card and other high-interest debt before retiring. If you haven’t paid down debt that’s not tax-deductible by your 50s, now’s the ti...
Jutta Steiner
Founder & CEO at Parity Technologies
Latest: If Ethereum blockchain had the features it now has, the devastating freeze of ether tokens on Parity would have been prevented.
Melissa Sabella
Founder and CEO at The Honeycomb Works
Latest: The Honeycomb is more than a digital tool; it is a method based on rigorous behavioural science. We bypassed the fads and the accepted wisdom, and we went directly to the original academic research...
Dr Shainaz Firfiray
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at Warwick Business School
Latest: I think gender quotas alone won't help unless there is also a change in organisational culture that allows a business to reap the benefits of diversity.
Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne
Founder and CEO at TKT & Associates
Latest: TKT is truly excited about the relationship we are building with LouCity FC to strengthen the inclusion of diverse business owners and laborers, not only on this project but the multiple projects i...
Jodi Daniels
Founder & CEO at Red Clover Advisors
Latest: We focused on what it means to really adhere to privacy laws, such as GDPR. What I've found is that most people are still approaching it with the fear of fines as the primary motivation to consider...
Tami Simon
Global HR Consulting Leader at The Segal Group
Latest: When a staff member is providing eldercare, remind them of any relevant employee assistance program (EAP) benefits. Whether employees need legal assistance to draft a power of attorney, connections...
Jennifer Davis
Head of Planning, Halpern Financial, Inc. at Financial Advice Website
Latest: If you are trying to reduce your overall debt, paying down credit cards should be your first priority. The national average interest rates charged are much higher than student loans, mortgages, or ...
Emily Roland
CIMA, Co-Chief Investment Strategist at John Hancock Investment Management
Latest: People don't trust the stock market. We're seeing everybody embrace safety, which is fine, but from a long-term investing diversification standpoint, it doesn't end up working in your favor.
Christel Quek
Chief Commercial Officer, Co-Founder at BOLT.Global
Latest: The revival (of cryptocurrency) has been a natural reaction to changing crypto-friendly atmosphere in mainstream finance and pro-market forces. The entry of companies including Facebook Inc. and JP...
Jen Redding
Sr. Analyst, Equity Research at Wedbush Securities
Latest: A lot of investors remember 2008.… Now they’re just being overly cautious and jumping this recession gun too soon. The US consumer is nowhere near recession.
Traci Mabrey
Head of Wealth Solutions at Broadridge
Latest: Longer term savings will compound over time.
Jane Leung
Managing Director and CIO at Scenic Advisement
Latest: The bigger you get, the more scrutiny there is, and the larger the losses you have, the more sensitive investors are to it.
Jennifer Hutchins
Portfolio Manager at 1st Global
Latest: Volatility is a normal part of a standard business cycle. In fact, since the low point of the Great Recession was struck in March 2009, the S&P 500 Index has seen approximately 16 drawdowns of five...
Fran Seegull
Executive Director at U.S. Impact Investing Alliance
Latest: Opportunity Zones represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity to spur private investment into America's distressed communities. However, in order for us to achieve the transformational impact we h...
Jasmine Richards
Head of Diverse Investing at Cambridge Associates
Latest: RFPs that we've received from investors in California seem to include these questions more frequently. This is not surprising given the state's commitment to (diversity and inclusion) via recent le...
Sona Menon
Head of North American Pension Practice at Cambridge Associates
Latest: In the last few quarters, rates have been beginning to rise. So plans investing in core bonds have produced lower, if not negative, returns.
Susan Nickey
Managing Director at Hannon Armstrong
Latest: New York is leading a path forward with public policy that signals to the capital markets and developers to deploy projects to achieve its ambitious goals.
Shannon Saccocia
Chief Investment Officer at Boston Private
Latest: Currently, we think the flat / inverted yield curve is indicative of global growth concerns and turmoil that have suppressed long-term rates.
Reena Aggarwal
Professor of Finance & Vice Provost for Faculty at Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business
Latest: In the long run they want to transform transportation, which will take significant investment. But when you become a public company there’s also a quarter-by-quarter scrutiny that comes with it — i...
Sarah Kocianski
Head of Research at 11:FS
Latest: In the US, metal cards are associated with prestige and luxury brands, so it's likely the idea originally came from there.
Fiona Cincotta
Financial Market Analyst at Self-Employed
Latest: EUR/GBP Corrects Lower After Hitting 10 year High EUR/GBP is moving lower after striking a decade high overnight. The euro is under pressure on Monday as Italian politics and concerns over th...
Leann N. Sullivan
Vice President & Shareholder at TFC Financial
Latest: The mistake people often make with inherited IRAs comes from a lack of understanding as to how much needs to be distributed and when to begin distributions.
Cynthia Taub
Partner, Partner, National Environmental Policy Act and Permitting & Litigation at Steptoe
Latest: It could be a classic case of be careful what you wish for.