Fiona Cincotta
Financial Market Analyst at Self-Employed
Latest: EUR/GBP Corrects Lower After Hitting 10 year High EUR/GBP is moving lower after striking a decade high overnight. The euro is under pressure on Monday as Italian politics and concerns over th...
Shindy Chen
Founder & CEO at scribe
Latest: International students often have trouble qualifying for financing, housing, and credit cards, because American lenders can’t use their credit history from their native countries.
Carolyn Saunders
Director, ING Direct Transition at Scotiabank
Latest: The Pulse puts the customer’s voice at the centre of all we do. We listen, we learn and we act on the feedback from our customers to make improvements in our processes, products and services in al...
Ann Myhr
Senior Director of Knowledge Resources at The Institutes
Latest: You can’t wait until something is coming through or is on your doorstep. You have to have plans in place ahead of time.
Nancy Uscher
Dean, College of Fine Arts at UNLV
Latest: The artist and research faculty provide a stellar education for our students. The student work, performed both locally and internationally, is inspiring and at the highest level.
Susan Manch
Chief Talent Officer at Winston & Strawn
Latest: Most law firm summer experiences end with an offer, but give thought to how you will make it a success. Enjoy your summer and make the most of it.
Michelle Young
Financial Advisor, CFP, ChFC, CDFA, ADPA, APMA at Ameriprise Financial
Latest: It's absolutely the case. Millennials are more interactive and comfortable talking about money with a spouse. Gen X's too.
Monique Becenti
Product and Channel Specialist at SiteLock
Latest: Consumers should proceed with caution. A marked discount shopping holiday means there is vast opportunity for cybercriminals to try to steal information.
Deirdre Cooper
Portfolio Manager, Investec Global Environment Fund at Investec Asset Management
Latest: The world has embarked on its third energy transition: a relatively rapid shift in favour of low-carbon energy. Electricity needs to take market share from all other forms of energy, as we electrif...
Nicole M. Meyer
Equity Partner & Intellectual Property Attorney at Dickinson Wright
Latest: As set forth above, the DTSA will allow trade secret owners whose trade secrets have been misappropriated to file civil actions in federal court. It also provides for theft protections abroad, but ...
Patty Do
Staff Accountant at Harvest Returns
Latest: Crowdfunding capital raise is structured as either equity or debt. Equity is issued as stock, representing a form of ownership in a company with no defined maturity date. On the other hand, debt ca...
Melanie Adams
Vice President & Head of Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment at RBC Global Asset Management
Latest: Many companies are not doing enough to communicate with investors on these issues, particularly around their climate-related risks and opportunities.
Laura Bedrossian
Vice President of Social Strategy at Hot Paper Lantern
Latest: It starts with a strong, organized, shared calendar that works for everyone on a particular team. Calendars should be informed with research, analytics, trending topics/news, and client preferences...
Cassandra Toroian
Founder at Bell Rock Capital
Latest: Save as much as you can in there until it hurts. Build this nest egg as fast as you can and also get a slight tax benefit since it’s pretax dollars you are contributing.
Kimberly Sutherland
Vice President of Fraud & Identity Management Strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Latest: Retailers are more likely to be tracking where they’ve successfully thwarted fraud rather than also tracking where they’ve been able to prevent it from occurring. This approach lessens the overall ...
Anna Serio
Loans Writer at
Latest: The average size of all business loans was $663,000 in 2017.
Rasha Katabi
Founder & CEO at Brim Financial
Latest: In the past, people were born into their banks, either because it was the bank their parents used or because they were tied down through a mortgage investment. But today, consumers are no longer li...
Candice Bangsund
Vice President & Portfolio Manager at Fiera Capital Corporation
Latest: "[I adopted a more] tactical and opportunistic strategy [to better profit from more frequent stock gyrations]. This is not going to be a buy-and-hold period."
Yulia Pohlmann
Co-Founder at Market Entry Atelier
Latest: In China, you can never sit and rest on the knowledge you already have. Even if something worked before, it doesn’t mean it will work again. Think, read, analyze, do. Experiment with a little bit o...
Leslie Tayne
Founder and Head Attorney at Tayne Law Group
Latest: Leslie H. Tayne, Esq. is an award-winning financial attorney and author of Life & Debt. She has over 20 years of experience in consumer and business financial debt solutions. Leslie is the founde...
Jody D'Agostini
Senior Partner at The Falcon Financial Grou
Latest: Your retirement could last 30 years or longer, so the sooner you start saving, the less you’ll have to set aside every year until you leave the workforce.
Annemie Ress
Chief People Officer & Managing Director at innogy Innovation Hub
Latest: The UK is the perfect place for innovative to thrive with an open, forward-looking business and investor community combined with a huge potential market.
Maggie O'Neill
Partner & Chief Client Officer at Peppercomm
Latest: Historically, lifestyle PR led with a message the brand wanted to convey and one that was usually targeted to one very specific audience. Today, that audience is not only more diverse, but more inf...
Loryn Arkow
Partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Latest: When a tenant files a bankruptcy petition, the tenant (either the bankruptcy trustee or the tenant as debtor-in-possession) has the option to accept or reject any unexpired lease within 120 days of...
Jean Statler
Alliance for Lifetime Income
Latest: At the same time that two-thirds of Americans are telling us that they’re optimistic about retirement or the next phase in life, only 42% of non-retired Americans believe their savings and sources ...
Lei Farrand
Director of Capital Markets at Kingbird Investment Management
Latest: Remember the protectionary power of owning uncorrelated and alternative assets. Value-added real estate combines bond-like attributes of current income and potential for capital appreciation, much ...
Joy Schoffler
Chief Strategy Officer at Upside Avenue
Latest: The renter population is expected to grow significantly from now through 2041. Over 4.6 million new rental units (350,000 per year) are needed by 2030 to meet projected demand. While average deliv...
Smitha Ramchandani
President & Owner at SR Real Estate Group
Latest: Agents have to be available during the evenings, weekends, holidays and on vacations.
Diane Hughes
SVP/Director of Mortgage at UMB Bank
Latest: In the meantime, homebuyers shouldn’t necessarily wait for a perfect market.
Amber Slattery
Vice President & Wealth Strategist at Hawthorn
Latest: People need a certain level of expertise or experience dealing with collectible assets in order to purchase them with the hope of making a profit on a future sale.