Kristina Hooper
Chief Global Market Strategist at
Latest: Since the beginning, I haven’t found any compelling reason why China would want to make major concessions to the U.S.,. I always expected that either the U.S. would accept minor concessions around ...
Jess Garza
Chief Executive Officer at Earth Class Mail
Latest: We’re doing for postal mail what Gmail did for e-mail.
Elizabeth White
Chief Executive Officer at The White Company
Latest: Stablecoins have become popular as the focus has shifted from the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies to the incredible advantages of financial transactions leveraging blockchain technology, whi...
Natalie Kotlyar
Assurance Partner; Retail and Consumer Products at BDO United States
Latest: The majority of retailers are stuck in survival mode. Playing catch-up in perpetuity is preventing retailers from seizing new opportunities and leapfrogging the competition.
Kirsty Peev
Portfolio Manager at Halpern Financial
Latest: Yes, we may be headed for a bear market – we also might be headed for a bull market. Trying to predict what the market will do is a fool's errand because it encourages a strategy based on external ...
Carolyn Howard
Founder & Managing Member at SeaCure Advisors
Latest: What I figured out was that I really liked financial planning, which was not unlike doing a lab experiment. You have a lot of data, you look at that data and work with the issues within the data, a...
Stella Liu
Portfolio Management - Multi-Asset Solutions at Russell Investments
Latest: The global macroeconomics and geopolitical outlook remains uncertain, suggesting that an environment of low rate, low growth, and high valuations may linger. This uncertainty presents a challenge f...
Cary Carbonaro
Managing Director at United Capital Financial Advisors
Latest: Coordinating the best strategy for an individual, and their spouse, if relevant — requires expertise. It’s a big decision, and I think people take it lightly. They don’t realize it’s going to impac...
Yolanda Taylor
Managing Director at Prio Wealth
Latest: This lack of female mentors and leadership throughout the industry helps to perpetuate the low percentage of females within financial services.
Diana Rudean
Applied Research at Axioma
Latest: The tariff spat caught China more exposed to changes in broad non-energy commodity prices, and the recent downturn in these commodities has weighed heavily on the Chinese market.
Helima Croft
Managing Director at RBC Investor & Treasury Services
Latest: Trump has sanctioned two OPEC countries and is calling on OPEC now to dig him out of the hole he helped dig.
Judith Lu
Managing Director at Miracle Mile Advisors
Latest: A lot of advisors will use complicated jargon. People do it because it creates this mystique and makes it seem like it's more complicated, which justifies high fees and bonuses.
Arielle Patrick
Senior Vice President at Edelman Financial Services
Latest: I truly believe that the key to success is building strong relationships and credibility at one place when you’re young.
April Rudin
Founder & CEO at The Rudin Group
Latest: Analog solutions won’t cut it in a digitized world, especially when it comes to luring talent away from Silicon Valley.
Catherine Cronin
President at Rank+Rally
Latest: The local buying in combination with branded environments in combination with local products is driving revenue.
Mayra Rodriguez Valladares
Managing Principal at MRV Associates
Latest: The banks have known for a while that this day was coming; they got so beat up during the financial crisis, and all these non-banks didn’t have the same regulations to comply with. From 2008 to now...
Annette Hammortree
Owner at Hammortree Financial Services
Latest: Getting your own house in order allows you the freedom to feel like you can afford to give. In other words, the fear for most people is that they don't have enough money for themselves for their ow...
Tracie McMillion
Head of Global Asset Allocation Strategy at Wells Fargo Advisors
Latest: We feel like the EEM has borne the brunt of these trade negotiations so far and valuations there look really attractive on a price-to-cash flow basis.
Amy Jucoski
Managing Director, Legacy and Wealth Planning at Abbot Downing
Latest: We need to know what the next generation does and doesn’t care about. There’s a high need for transparency with this generation.
Pam Jeffords
Partner at MERCER
Latest: Hollywood and its bold leaders have the ability to set an example for all industries. Women and girls around the world pay attention to what is said and done in film and television. By amplifying w...
Constance Hubbell
CEO at The Hubbell Group, Inc
Latest: Crisis preparedness should include up-to-date contact lists to ensure that you can reach every investor and key stakeholders such as institutional consultants and platform gatekeepers in a timely m...
Valerie Kay
Chief Capital Officer at Lending Club
Latest: We continue to innovate for investors and diversify our investor base.
Jennifer Abelaj
Senior Counsel at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron
Latest: As a New Yorker and someone who advises New York residents, I think it’s encouraging that the state and city are still trying to look out for their taxpayers, but it doesn’t seem like the plans wil...
Wendy Harrington
Chief Marketing Officer at Figure Technologies
Latest: As we were looking at what’s going on for retirees and how we could help, there’s not a lot of options today. Reverse mortgages don’t have a good reputation, and can’t help a lot of people because ...
Ashley Petersen
Lead Oil Market Analyst at Stratas Advisors
Latest: A squeeze could be short-lived. Long-term, heavy crudes are still facing an uphill battle for value.
Amanda Agati
Managing Director & Co-Chief Investment Strategist at The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
Latest: Even though we think we're in the later innings of the business cycle, we don't think we're in the later innings of the aerospace and defense cycle.
Keren Nadel Orian
Managing Director at Saga Foundation
Latest: At this point, SGA value comes in full from the reserve held in major fiat currencies in a mixture replicating the International Monetary Fund’s SDR.
Kim Forrest
Vice President, Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager at Fort Pitt Capital Group
Latest: Happiness is a low bar. The Street would just like to see America and China continue to talk because the problems that separate the two sides are so profound, but we think as long as they’re talkin...