U.S. News & World Report L.P

Assistant Managing Editor, Advice Products
U.S. News empowers everyone to thrive. In this position, you will use your strengths and skills to create and oversee advice product content for consumers in our education, money, health and real estate spaces. This content helps readers who are lower in the funnel make decisions when choosing things like a college, grad school, K-12 school, online degree program, diet, hospital, over-the-counter medication, nursing home, city/place to live, career, stock, mutual fund and ETF. Our consumer advice product content includes profiles, ranking lists, guides and other content aimed at helping readers make decisions. This content generally excludes articles and slideshows. In this role, you’ll also manage and lead an in-house team of editors, and work closely with digital producers, SEO experts and product team members to deliver helpful and actionable advice content to our readers.
13 January 2022