Adrienne Uthe is a highly accomplished and academically driven Strategic Consultant with professional experience in Communication, Media, Marketing, and Business Development. With a strong focus on partnering with finance firms, emerging growth companies, and the dynamic tech industry, she serves as a catalyst for transformative success. As the Founder of Kronus Communications, Adrienne spearheads the development of sophisticated marketing and communication strategies that yield outstanding results.

Recognized as an influential force in the industry, Adrienne excels at maximizing message impact and cultivating brand visibility. With an unwavering reputation as a trusted collaborator, she is highly sought-after by senior executives, high-net-worth individuals, and esteemed professionals from private companies. Possessing an innate ability to navigate complex challenges, Adrienne expertly tackles emerging issues, dispels misinformation, and artfully transforms market perceptions to drive success.

In addition to her consulting prowess, Adrienne is a visionary entrepreneur, leading the way as the Founder and CEO of two thriving B2C e-commerce companies.

Adrienne's academic pursuits are equally impressive, having earned an MA in Health Communication. This scholarly background enriches her comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics within diverse industries. Driven by a genuine passion for delivering exceptional results, Adrienne consistently delivers strategic solutions that drive growth and propel her clients' achievements to new heights.


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