Amanda Vassall

Senior Media Relations Specialist at Walker Sands


  • Walker Sands
    Senior Media Relations Specialist


  • Founder and CEO at CITCON
  • VP & GM of authentication at Entrust Datacard at Entrust Datacard
  • CTO at SPR
  • Product Marketing Manager at Entrust Datacard
  • Co-founder and CEO at Flybits
  • Executive VP of Enterprise Architecture at SPR
  • Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Flybits
  • SVP for instant payment card issuance at Entrust Datacard
  • VP of Delivery at SPR
  • CEO at Brooks Bell
  • Global Vice President of Secure Access at Entrust Datacard
  • VP of Learning and Development at Addison Group
  • Founder and CEO at TiiCKER