• Red Roof Industries


  • Chief Psychologist at Stella Center
  • Founder and CEO at Ubirider
  • CEO at Actify
  • Technology Evangelist at Tech Soft 3D
  • VP of People & Culture at Tech Soft 3D
  • Founder, President, CTO and Board Member at AEye
  • CEO at Blair LaCorte
  • CFO at AEye, Inc.
  • COO at AEye, Inc.
  • CMO at AEye, Inc.
  • Co-Founder, GM of ADAS and VP of Corporate Development at AEye, Inc.
  • Director of Product Management at AEye, Inc.
  • President and Chief Executive Officer at ChargePoint
  • Managing Director, Europe at ChargePoint
  • Chief Revenue Officer at ChargePoint
  • Chief Financial Officer at ChargePoint
  • Chief Marketing Officer at ChargePoint
  • Senior Vice President, Operations and Services at ChargePoint
  • Senior Vice President, Product at ChargePoint
  • Senior Vice President, Engineering at ChargePoint
  • Owner and Author at Azorean Green Bean