Chris Powell

Director of Media Strategy/Emerging Markets at BOCA Communications


  • BOCA Communications
    Director of Media Strategy/Emerging Markets


  • Chief People Officer at Phenom People
  • VP of Customer Experience at Phenom People
  • Founder & CEO at Sun Genomics
  • CEO at Lively
  • Head of Us Operations at TEAM BLIND
  • Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho Corporation
  • SVP, Privacy Intelligence and General Counsel at TrustArc
  • Chief Medical Office at Feinerman Vision Center
  • Co-Founder at SplashLearn
  • CEO at SafetyChain
  • CEO and Co-Founder at BigPanda
  • CEO and Co-Founder at Abridge
  • CEO at
  • Head of Design at Down Etc.
  • President and CEO at IGeneX
  • Co-Founder at The Penny Hoarder
  • Therapist at GingerMay
  • CEO at Liquidity Services
  • CTO at Liquidity Services
  • Co-Founder at GetSetUp
  • CEO and Co-Founder at