Christine O'Connor

Public Relations Associate at Thinkshift Communications
#ImpactInvesting #ESG #SocialEnterprise #SocialEntrepreneurship #Nonprofits

Christine is a highly adaptable communications specialist who has has worn many hats in her career, working with clients in fields from consumer products to healthcare to progressive politics. She is thrilled to help her Thinkshift clients make the world a better place through corporate issue advocacy and brand storytelling. A transplant from New England, Christine lives in Los Angeles and will consider herself very fortunate if she never has to commute in the snow again. In her spare time, she can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up something delicious or in a comfy chair buried in a good book.


  • Thinkshift Communications
    Public Relations Associate
    started Feb 2021


  • CEO at U.S. Rubber Recycling
  • CEO at Toniic
  • Founder, CEO, CIO at Nia Impact Capital
  • Vice President and Head of Business Development at CNote
  • principal and co-founder at Thinkshift Communications