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Taylor Lukof
Founder and CEO at ABR Dynamic Funds
LATEST: Volatility has long been seen as a one-dimensional threat. We believe volatility also represents opportunity and have designed a 'Smart Volatility' fund that allows investors to manage volatility a...
Simon Calton
CEO and Founder at Carlton James Group
LATEST: There are two main reasons I believe in i2Media and their offerings: their industry focus and their leadership. They are deeply embedded into the extremely high-growth, multibillion-dollar industry...
Kendall Almerico
Legal counsel at Goldenseed
LATEST: Joining forces with KoreConX was an easy decision, as we share the same values. At BankRoll, it's crucial for us to provide the tools so that companies and investors can have a relationship based o...
Jodi Zimmerman
Of Counsel at Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP

Jodi B. Zimmerman focuses her practice on Elder Law and Estate Planning matters including the preparation of Wills, Trusts, Probate and Administration petitions and Guardianships. Ms. Zimmerman bri...

Erik Setterlind
Senior Vice President at Kalos Financial
LATEST: By launching Kalos Advantage, our goal is to take some of the tedious administrative burdens off our advisors, allowing them more time to cultivate client relationships and really grow their busine...
Gregory Sichenzia
Founding Partner at Sichenzia Ross Ference
LATEST: We are excited to welcome Ovsanna and Kristine and their wide-ranging legal expertise to the firm, but more specifically to our west coast office where we are working with a number of companies acr...
Eric Fischgrund
CEO at FischTank PR
LATEST: The biggest crisis management tip here is straightforward—know what you're talking about. Many of these financial institutions were caught off guard because they weren't listening properly. They...
Ari Rastegar
CEO at Rastegar Property Company
LATEST: Austin has cemented its status as one of America’s top cities for quality of life, economic growth, and job opportunity, as evidenced by the incredible pace at which people are moving here. Many of...