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Senior Media Strategist at RLM Public Relations
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    Senior Media Strategist


Tej Patel
CEO at Fluxergy
LATEST: Health providers have struggled to contain the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. and throughout the world in part because of a significant shortage of available lab tests that can quickly, effic...
Dr. Joshua Carothers
Chief Medical Officer at VIP StarNetwork™
Smoke Wallin
CEO at Vertical Wellness
LATEST: Piper and her daughter Ginger have done a remarkable job building a truly unique brand in the Better For You candy market over the last 10 years. This segment is large and outpacing the traditional...
Dennis O'Neill
President at BIOMEDICAN
LATEST: Biosynthesis of rare cannabinoids is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world today, and BIOMEDICAN is uniquely positioned with what we believe are the best IP and results in the space. Our ...
Howard Lee
CEO at Sorse Technology
LATEST: I don’t think people really understand the groundswell of recreational cannabis and how much good impact it can have on state tax revenue.
Jon Niermann
CEO and Co-Founder at Loop Media
LATEST: We are very fortunate to have Andy join Loop. Andy is an incredibly talented and great person who will play crucial roles in our future growth plans. Very few execs have the depth of relevant exper...
Dr. June Chin
Chief Medical Expert at Yesterday Wellness
LATEST: There is a galaxy of these cannabinoid receptors throughout our entire body. The endocannabinoid system parallels the immune system, so there really is no physiological process in our body that’s n...
Grant McCracken
Cultural Anthropologist at Grant McCracken's Culture Camp
LATEST: American culture found a way to respond to the COVID disruption, to dampen and minimize its effects. This took the form of American mothers who rose beautifully to the occasion, every bit as strate...
Jason Cottrell
CEO at Myplanet
LATEST: The 'trough of disillusionment relates to the adoption of new technology. Lots of times, new technology gets hype, then it runs its course, and then there's a trough of disillusionment where we get...
Eric Balshin
CEO at Yesterday Wellness
LATEST: A large portion of early CBD adopters were crossovers from THC who already had an existing comfort level with marijuana.
Dr. Lynda Ulrich
CEO at Ever Widening Circles
Beerud Sheth
CEO and Founder at Gupshup
LATEST: Gupshup partners with Xiaomi to enable Smart SMS in MIUI. Gupshup partners with Xiaomi to enable Smart SMS in MIUI.
Kay Van Wey
Attorney at Kay Van Wey
LATEST: If an employee in an office setting, for example, was furloughed, they left everything right where it was and it will take time for them to catch up and get back on track.
John Kueber
CRO at Sorse Technology
LATEST: Dispensaries in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver have had a steady stream of customers in their businesses. My THC partner, GreenMedLabs, which produces cannabis beverage...
Ian Wheeler
Co-founder at Talkhouse
LATEST: We’re not gonna tell them what they’re supposed to talk about, and some of the conversations are amazing and some might be flat, but it’s an experiment. We approach actors, filmmakers, musicians, a...
Nithya Thadani
CEO at RAIN Agency
LATEST: I often tell our employees that our biggest competitor in the space is not another voice company, it used to be brands. Brands were understanding that it was an emerging technology but were not qu...
Michael Klein
CEO at cannabisMD
LATEST: There is so much clutter and confusion about CBD. Misinformation and products that make claims that are untrue or contain everything from mold to e. coli only adds to this confusion. And generate f...
Zac Smith
CEO at Packet
LATEST: Sprint came to us to help build their IoT network. They want to put it in any city in the US in 90 days or less. The best way I can describe how Sprint sees Curiosity is: it’s selling enterprise-gr...
Max Simon
CEO at Green Flower Media
LATEST: One of the single greatest challenges facing legal cannabis is getting local government on-board to allow licensed cannabis businesses. Fortunately, NORML and their local chapters have been success...
Fabio Canesin
Co-Founder at
LATEST: We initially demonstrated that our proposed architecture could deliver cross-chain markets that compete with the performance of centralized exchanges – an extremely important parameter for liquidit...
Gil Christie
Head of Investor Education & Enterprise Solutions at Green Flower Media
LATEST: They’re highly gifted, highly quantitative, they can price complex options out of their backsides, but they don’t necessarily understand what makes markets move.
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