Eric Kaye

Founder and Chief Evangelist at Kayezen
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Prior to founding Kayezen, Eric served as Vice Chairman of Mergers & Acquisitions for UBS Investment Bank; Co-Head of M&A for Robertson, Stephens; and Director of Technology M&A for PaineWebber.

The idea for Kayezen's dial-in resistance system came to life while Eric was undergoing physical therapy for a severe back injury he suffered when attempting a "personal best" leg press. During his treatment, which included exercises using standard resistance bands and tubes, Eric identified many ways these tools could be meaningfully improved.

After partnering with some of the leading minds in sports performance, physical therapy and personal training, combined with five years of customer discovery, prototyping, testing and refining, the VECTOR was born.

Kayezen officially launched with a simple goal: to help people continuously improve and build resilience at any stage of life. Eric and Kayezen champion an environment that offers “life flexibility” for anyone with a performance-focused mindset who thrives on figuring things out and getting things done.

Eric currently resides in Cavendish, Vermont, where Kayezen VECTORs are manufactured and assembled.


  • Kayezen
    Founder and Chief Evangelist
    started Jan 2019