Evan Sneider

Senior PR Manager at Evan Sneider

Senior PR Manager of Red Rooster PR.


  • Evan Sneider
    Senior PR Manager
    started Feb 2017
  • Red Rooster PR
    Senior PR Manager


  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Wildebeest
  • Co-Founder at NextBillion AI
  • President & Founder at Mission Disrupt
  • Coach for FastCoach App and Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist at KetoCoachX
  • CEO at Kris Lindahl Real Estate
  • Life and Relationship Coach / Consultant at MyExBackCoach.com
  • Engagement Manager at Theorem.co
  • CEO at Theorem LLC
  • CEO at StarNews Mobile
  • Managing Director at ContinuServe
  • CEO & Founder at Kith Republic
  • Chief Executive Officer at XSplit
  • CSO at 3Q Digital
  • Chief of Strategy at DealBox
  • CTO and Co-Founder at Wildebeest
  • Chief Executive Officer at DealBox
  • Leadership Partner at Theorem.co
  • CEO, Co-Founder at Compt
  • CEO at Gold Gate
  • Attorney & Founder at Florida Collaborative Law Group
  • CEO and Founder at Fintel
  • Founder and CEO at Hoylu
  • Founder at Smarter AI
  • COO at Kirobo.io
  • SVP M&A Services at ContinuServe
  • CEO at 401GO
  • VP of Growth at 3Q Digital