Francis Perdue was born in Los Angeles, California with strong Alabama roots. She was born to Birmingham, Alabama natives Franklin R. Perdue, a Navy veteran who earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology and mother who ended up running the BX/PX, Navy Exchange. She grew up the first part of her childhood in Compton, California and remembers the diversity she experienced from her Navy Brat years. From eating Lumpia, walking to the corner candy store to seeing her babysitter smoke a pig in the ground.
Francis’ contributions in philanthropy and her work ethic in Entertainment Public Relations and Talent Management has deemed her a hot commodity in the Product Placement side of events and television & film. With 100 plus products placed for high end events, The Doctor’s TV Show and her annual FUSE Pre-ESPY Event Ms. Perdue added a products division to her company.
Ms. Perdue’s the owner of Perdue Inc. (formerly PS Media Talent) has been a full-time publicist since 2009. Perdue inc. where she has several projects for inventions, restaurants, business consulting and branding is the staple of her business. Recently she held the position of The Director of Communications for My Beverages, a new water company, based in West Hollywood, California. Force Brands recognized the appointment of Ms. Perdue to My Beverages in 2019 as part of their “Movers and Shakers” newsletter that is recognized globally in the Food & Beverage World.
After purchasing her franchise in 2018 she became determined to have the best experience for her location in Birmingham she was offered the position due to her experience in public relations and willingness to make experiences for owners easiest. In April 2019, she was appointed Director of Public Relations for Burgerim, which was one of the fastest growing burger franchises in the United States.
Currently, she has added Perdue Beauty to her repertoire of businesses under Perdue Inc. and expanded talent management to Influencers.


  • Perdue Inc.


  • Ceo at Perdue Inc.
  • Marketer & Account Executive at KBLA| 1580 am Talk Radio
  • Planner, Creative Coordinator & Logistic Manager at For All Time Events
  • Artist & Performer at That Boy Records
  • Chemist, Gospel Artist & Pastor at Sonic Sparrow Records
  • CEO/Founder , Transformational Coach at Naimah North Star LLC
  • Chef at Chef Matt Cooks
  • Podcast Host of Flipboard EDU Podcast at Flipboard EDU Podcast