• Marketing Maven Public Relations
    Director, Media Relations
    started Nov 2015


  • Owner at John Dunham and Associates
  • Chief Product Officer at XYPRO
  • Founder at Omnia Markets Inc.
  • Co-Founder, Executive Creative Director at Script to Screen
  • Director, Chief Investment Officer at Lido Advisors
  • Digital Director at Kingstar Media
  • Director at Lido Advisors
  • Planning Specialist at Lido Advisors
  • Senior Managing Director at Lido Advisors
  • Senior Manager, HR & Administration at XYPRO Technology Corporation
  • President & COO at Bluewater
  • VP, Analytics, Bluewater, one of the nation's leading digital marketing agencies at Bluewater
  • Founder at Comedy Cloud
  • PR Manager at BPMobile
  • CEO at XYPRO
  • Head of School at Corlears School
  • Director, Wealth Advisor, Private Client Services at Lido Advisors
  • Director of Media Relations and Crisis Communications at Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc.
  • EVP, Private Client Services at Lido Advisors