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Matt Hamilton
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Hamilton Capital
Latest: While coronavirus and oil prices have served as catalysts, we have been concerned for some time that stretched valuations and flat earnings could eventually lead to the major declines many investor...
Tony Caxide
Chief Investment Officer at Hamilton Capital
Bill Meerman
Director – Retirement Plans at Hamilton Capital
Latest: Compounding quality investment returns is critical to building secure retirements. Industry studies conclude that managing asset allocation has the greatest impact on investment returns. This is di...
Aliredha Walji
Vice President, USA at ShariaPortfolio
Latest: No matter which option you choose, taking the first steps to investing will set you on the path to achieving your long-term goals. Remember, being able to retire comfortably, save for education cos...
Naushad Virji
Chief Executive Officer at ShariaPortfolio
Latest: We believe that the ratio would need to drop further before one can be confident that they are getting a good bargain on their investment.
Barrington Pitt Miller
Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst at Janus Henderson Investors
Latest: Recent market volatility illustrates that investors are processing an array of risks. Among these are shrinking central bank balance sheets, uncertainty surrounding interest rate levels and potenti...