I am a Communications Specialist for GoodMorning.com. GoodMorning.com is Canada’s largest independent online mattress retailer and was one of the first online mattress-in-a-box companies in the world. Offering mattresses for all sleep styles—including Douglas, Logan & Cove, Brunswick, Recore, Juno, Apollo, and Cherry—GoodMorning.com designed and shipped its first memory foam mattress, Novosbed, in 2009, after Founder and CEO Sam Prochazka had a negative in-store mattress shopping experience. At the time, buying a mattress online without being able to try it first was an unthinkable idea. So, GoodMorning.com created the mattress world's first risk-free home sleep trial and set up a continent-wide network of charities to ensure returned mattresses don’t go to waste. Soon GoodMorning.com’s ideas and inventions were adopted as the new standard around the world.


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