Marie Roker-Jones

Co-Founder at EssteemWorld

Marie Roker-Jones is the co-Ceo of Essteem. Essteem organizes actionable programs, Equalithons (hackathons for equality), that help tech companies develop their sustainability strategies and create more socially, environmentally, and economically responsible workplace cultures that integrate CSR into their DEI hiring and retention goals.

She is a social impact startup founder with over ten years of experience in leading gender and racial diversity strategies. As the founder of Raising Great Men, she built a movement for parents, empowering them with resources to raise culturally aware and socially conscious children. She was the senior editor for The Good Men Project, a multimedia, cross-platform site that asks, “What does it mean to be a good man in the 21st century?”

Marie also has workforce and career development experience creating workforce reentry programs for underrepresented communities through coalition building, employment readiness, networking opportunities, and community outreach.

Marie was the lead for The Charter for Compassion's Compassionate NYC and through her project, #CompassionConvos facilitated cross-sectoral dialogue to examine implicit biases and their impact on our perception of criminality, economic disparities, educational underachievement, health disparities, and other factors that bring about social stratification and separation.


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  • Co-Founder/ Co-CEO at EssteemWorld
  • Founder at RE:Locate