• MRB Public Relations
    President and Founder


  • Board Member at Generations Federal Credit Union
  • CEO at MRB Public Relations
  • CRO at Betterworks
  • Chief Financial Officer at Recurly
  • CEO and Chairman at Betterworks
  • Chief Product Officer at Betterworks
  • Chief Customer and People Officer at Betterworks
  • Organizational Psychologist and Talent Development Consultant at Betterworks
  • VP Research and Marketing at infosec institute
  • Vice President of Software Engineering at Infosec
  • Security Engineer at Infosec
  • Information Security Manager at Infosec
  • Infosec Skills Author at Infosec
  • Infosec Resources Author at Infosec
  • Infosec Skills Author at Infosec
  • Human Resource Director at Betterworks
  • Senior Customer Success Manager at Betterworks
  • Founder and CEO at Infosec
  • CEO at Nuspire