Nicole Adamo

Marketing & PR Executive | Creative Director at PR Muse NYC
#Sports #Fitness #Lifestyle #Entertainment #Media
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With a rich foundation in the world of entertainment, Nicole Adamo has masterfully expanded her horizons, carving a distinct niche in both the media and corporate sectors. Launching her career as an Editor to renowned sports and fitness magazines, Nicole promptly recognized and harnessed the potential of digital media. As the visionary behind PR Muse NYC, her expertise in public relations and marketing has bridged leading brands with top-tier sports and entertainment personalities, as well as consulting for relevant executives in both industries. Nicole's strategic acumen further shines in her roles at Fortune 100 giants such as American Express and Condé Nast, to name a few. Diversifying her portfolio, she has co-hosted alongside DJ Whoo Kid on Sirius XM and fervently advocates against bullying through her dedicated non-profit initiative. She has been featured on multiple mainstream platforms like ESPN, MTV, BRAVO, and more!


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    Marketing & PR Executive | Creative Director