Paige Blair

Account Executive at North 6th Agency


  • North 6th Agency
    Account Executive
    started Nov 2019


  • Managing Partner at S Squared Holdings, LLC
  • Managing Director the Americas at TLGG
  • CTO at Unqork
  • Founder and CEO at Unqork
  • Founder and CEO at H Code
  • CEO and Co-Founder at Octane AI
  • CEO and Co-Founder at Lunchbox
  • Chief Revenue Officer at H Code
  • Co-Founder & CEO at RevTrax
  • Managing Director at TWO NIL
  • CEO at Stadiumred Group
  • Senior Epidemiologist at Unity Band
  • Head of Security & Privacy at Unity Band
  • Consultant, Healthcare & Pharma at TLGG
  • Research Consultant at quantilope
  • EVP & Co Founder at One Rockwell