Paul Merchan

Senior Vice President at Peppercomm

Senior Vice President at Peppercomm, representing financial services and B2B brands, including experts in macroeconomic issues critical to the investor segment.


  • Peppercomm
    Senior Vice President


  • Partner & Chief Client Officer at Peppercomm
  • Chief Economist at Wilmington Trust
  • Global Head of Responsible Investment at AXA Group
  • Head of Climate Strategy – Impact and Responsible Investment at AXA Investment Managers
  • Chief Wealth Strategist at Wilmington Trust
  • Fund Manager - Technology, Digital Economy and Robotech at AXA Framlington
  • CEO at Peppercomm
  • Senior Partner, West Coast President at Peppercomm
  • Senior Partner & General Manager, New York at Peppercomm
  • Family Legacy Advisor at Wilmington Trust