Sophie Conners

Senior Campaign Executive at Diffusion PR


  • Diffusion PR
    Senior Campaign Executive


  • Founder and CEO at BlockFi
  • Managing Director, US at Diffusion PR
  • Former IRS Commissioners at alliantgroup
  • Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Former Nebraska Governor and Senator. Curr at alliantgroup
  • Senior Vice President at alliantgroup
  • Vice Chairman at alliantgroup
  • Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at EquityMultiple
  • President of Ghostery, and privacy expert at Ghostery
  • SVP of Global Marketing at CyberLink
  • Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist (CEVO) at Facet Wealth
  • National Managing Director at alliantgroup
  • Founder at SAVVI AI
  • President at Alliant Cybersecurity