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Danielle Sunberg
Co-Founder at Amma Healing
Latest: "I take a holistic approach to cultivating extraordinary leaders and creating companies that empower their teams to achieve goals previously thought out of reach. By leveraging my experience in the...
Ryan Bethem
COO at Chintai
Latest: What are typical interest rates that you think you will see? Lately EOS leasing rates have been very low on Chintai, which is obviously indicative of the market conditions. Are you expecting higher...
Jamie McKibbin
Finance and Operations at Amma Healing

Jamie McKibbin is an Advisor at DecentraNet. Jamie is a former analyst at American Textile Company. While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Jamie began an eight year mission of social change....

Ted Moskovitz
Co-Founder at Amma Healing
Latest: Ted Moskovitz, a former SEC lawyer and the founder of DecentraNet, says Bitcoin will surely get much larger before the bubble, if indeed there is one, pops. “While many view Bitcoin’s new all-ti...
Matt McKibbin
Co-Founder at Amma Healing
Latest: According to Matt McKibbin, of the blockchain industry consultancy DecentraNet, the rhetorical positioning is just growing pains. He told CoinDesk: “I think the industry is still very, very y...
Tiffany Madison
Co-Founder at Amma Healing
Latest: Young Voices Associate Tiffany Madison has been published on Washington Times Communities. In her opinion piece ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ patches allegedly banned from Navy SEAL uniforms, Tiffany writes ...
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