Tiffany Woo

Managing Media Director at Press Pass LA PR + Social at Press Pass LA
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Tiffany Woo is a strategic communications professional with almost a decade of experience. Tiffany started college as a journalism major but once she learned the definition of public relations she realized that was her calling. Growing up, she would watch the news with her family every evening and think to herself what she would do in those situations and how would she fix them.


  • Press Pass LA
    Managing Media Director at Press Pass LA PR + Social


  • CEO and Founder at Kukun
  • Director of Estates Division, Aaron Kirman Group, Compass at Compass Real Estate
  • CEO at Claris Health
  • M.D. M.B.A., Founder and Medical Director at Concierge MD LA
  • Chief Revenue Officer at West Creek
  • Personal Trainer at the Dominic Effect
  • President & Managing Partner at Wannahaves
  • Real Estate Developer and Serial Investor at The Amidi Group
  • Chief Economic Advisor at Kukun
  • Company at Swann Security