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Ted has spent the past 10 years at Bankrate.com and CreditCards.com helping consumers maximize credit card rewards, get out of debt, boost their credit scores, protect their identities and more. He regularly shares his advice with major media outlets. He also conducts proprietary credit card market research and writes weekly columns for both Bankrate and CreditCards.com, often on the subject of cash back credit cards.

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  • Because credit card welcome bonuses generally require new cardholders to spend a certain amount often ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in the first three months or so, you can use a grace period to your advantage in order to maximize spending you would have done anyway.

  • It’s a good idea to start early. And if you see something you want, and you want to get it for one of your friends or family members, it’s probably good to jump on it.

  • Cash back is a great starting point because it’s so simple. Just think of it as free money.

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